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The Best Shampoo Bars for Curly Hair

The best solid shampoo bars for curly hair types | Sage Folk Plastic Free Online Shop

If you have naturally wavy, curly or afro hair then you’ll know that finding the right liquid products to use on your hair can be a bit of a challenge. Not to mention that the right product combination can be as unique to you as your curl pattern is.

Just because you want to reduce your single-use plastic consumption, doesn’t mean that you should have to compromise on effective curly hair products.

I have naturally wavy hair and try out the products that I sell here at Sage Folk, before they make it to the website. In this post I’ve shared the best of what I’ve discovered so far.

You can also discover which are the best conditioner bars for curly hair and view the fully range of curly hair products that we stock on our plastic free curly hair products page.

The best solid shampoo bars for curly hair

 Dry & Curly shampoo bar by Zero Waste Path

ZWP dry and curly bar

  • Curly Girl Method friendly
  • Moisturising and PH balanced
  • SLS & sulphate free
  • Works in hard water

This solid shampoo bar by Zero Waste Path has been specifically formulated with curly hair in mind. The surfactants used (Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (SCI) and Cocamidopropyl Betaine (CAPB)) are gentle, coconut-based and sulphate free, so you can use this bar if you are following the curly girl method. There is no transition phase necessary when using this bar, you don’t need to use an acid rinse with it and the gentle surfactants also means it works well in hard water too.

The hydrolysed quinoa protein helps keep your hair soft and tangle free and the organic, unrefined Shea and Cocoa butters will help to condition your curls. The bar will help keep your hair soft and manageable but I recommend using it with a solid conditioner to tame the fluff and frizz.

Extra Gentle Baobab Shampoo Bar for curly hair by Bean & Bee

Extra Gentle Baobab Zero Waste Shampoo Bar by Bean & Bee | Available at Sage Folk

  • Curly Girl Method friendly
  • pH balanced
  • Silicone & sulphate free
  • Works in hard water

Bean & Bee have a great range of zero waste products specifically designed for curly hair. Their ‘extra gentle baobab bar‘ is silicone and sulphate free (so suitable if you’re following the Curly Girl Method). It has been formulated to create a rich but gentle lather and is suitable for dry, curly and wavy hair types.

Monoi de Tahiti shampoo bar by Bain & Savon

Monoi de Tahiti Shampoo Bar for dry and frizzy hair types - Bain & Savon | Sage Folk

Bain & Savon have a wonderful range of botanical inspired shampoo bars. The Monoi de Tahiti bar has been designed with dry, frizzy and dandruff prone hair types in mind. It’s infused with monoi de tahiti oil to reduce frizz and add shine to your hair and uses surfactants made solely from coconuts to clean your hair without stripping it of moisture.

  • sulphate and silicone free
  • Curly Girl method friendly
  • works well in hard water
  • vegan & cruelty free

Pure shampoo bar by Wild Ona

Pure shampoo bar for dry scalps by Wild Ona | Available at Sage Folk

  • Contains soothing chamomile, ground oats and hydrating ylang ylang
  • sulphate and silicone free
  • works well in hard water
  • vegan & cruelty free

These beautiful, handmade bars by Wild Ona are specifically formulated for dry, itchy or touchy scalps. The ground oats, chamomile, ylang ylang and sweet almond oil give the shampoo soothing, calming and hydrating properties. Great if your curls need a gentle shampoo bar that will help hydrate them too.

Also available by Wild Ona: Green Queen for normal hair and Balance for oily hair

Best for wavy hair types

Clarifying peppermint shampoo bar by Bean & Bee

Clarifying Peppermint Zero Waste Shampoo Bar by Bean & Bee | Available at Sage Folk

  • Gentle yet effective cleansing ingredients
  • pH balanced
  • Silicone & sulphate free
  • Works in hard water

The clarifying peppermint shampoo bar is suitable for wavy and straight hair types. The bar is formulated to effectively cleanse your hair whilst being gentle on your scalp and uses natural, gentle cleaners that are derived from coconuts and are biodegradable.

Beauty Kubes

Another brand that I hope to stock in the future. Beauty Kubes are a great plastic free option for curly hair. Their choice of coconut surfactant is gentle yet effective for cleansing your curls. Once you get used to crumbling and lathering them up, the single cube portions are quite easy to use and and distribute through your hair.

Plastic-free conditioners and styling products for curly hair

You can ready my guide to the best conditioner bars for curly hair types to discover which are the best plastic-free conditioners to use on your curls, as well as my favourite low-waste styling product too.

Flaxseed & Kalahari Melon Curl Defining Custard - Bean & Bee

Alternatively, you can view the full range of plastic-free curly hair products that we stock.

Frequently asked questions

Are shampoo bars Curly Girl approved?

If you choose the correct shampoo bar then yes, it can be curly girl method-friendly. Look for a bar that doesn’t have silicones or sulphates in it’s ingredients.

All of the bars included in this post are SLS-free and use plant-based surfactants (like Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate) instead, meaning you can use them if you’re following the CG method.

View our full range of SLS and Sulphate free Shampoo bars.

Other shampoo bars I’ve used have left a waxy residue after washing

If you’ve been searching for a sulphate-free, curly girl friendly shampoo bar then you may well have been directed to a ‘natural shampoo bar’ (so called because they don’t have additions like surfactants to help clean the hair).

Whilst they may sound great because they typically have fewer ‘chemical-sounding’ ingredients, they’re not for everyone and they don’t work consistently in all water types. If you’ve experience that waxy residue feeling after washing with a shampoo bar (and never want to experience it again), I’d recommend choosing a shampoo bar from this post, or from our range of shampoo bars that work well in hard water.