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The Best Conditioner Bars for Curly Hair Types

The best solid conditioner bars for curly hair types | Sage Folk Plastic Free Online Shop

Washing and conditioning naturally curly hair isn’t always as simple as using whatever you’ve got lurking in the corner of your bathroom (if only). Finding the right combination of products for your hair can be a time consuming process, one that becomes even more challenging if you’re looking to reduce the amount of single use plastic that’s in your curl care routine.

I have naturally curly hair so finding great plastic-free curly hair products that were worth making the switch to was a top priority for me when I set up Sage Folk.

In this post, I’ve included the best conditioner bars for curly hair that I’ve discovered so far, as well as my go to plastic-free deep conditioner and styling product.

Lavender & Geranium Solid Conditioner Bar by Friendly Soap

Lavender & Geranium Conditioner Bar by Friendly Soap | best conditioner bar for curly hair | available at Sage Folk

  • easy to use compared to a lot of other conditioner bars
  • leaves hair feeling silky and conditioned
  • sulphate and preservative free
  • can be used as a solid bar or converted into a liquid conditioner

This is one of the best-selling conditioner bars that I stock, and for good reason.

It’s rich and nourishing due to its blend of cocoa butter and castor oil and, personally, I find it to be one of the easiest solid conditioner bars to distribute through your hair that I’ve used. Simply warm the bar a little between your hands prior to using and it glides over your hair and soaks in nicely.

I also think you get a lot of bar for your money and like to cut mine into quarters which makes it easier to handle, and helps it last longer too.

Friendly Soap provide instructions on the back of each cardboard packet for converting the bar into a liquid conditioner, if you really struggle to get used to using it in its solid form.

Lavender & Tea Tree Solid Conditioner Bar by Friendly Soap

Lavender & Tea Tree Conditoner Bar by Friendly Soap | best conditioner bars for curly hair | available at Sage Folk

This popular solid conditioner bar also comes in Lavender & Tea Tree if you prefer the properties and scents of those essential oils instead.

Citrus conditioner bar by Authentic House

Solid citrus conditioner bar by Authentic House | Available at Sage Folk

  • vegan, cruelty and palm oil free
  • highly concentrated
  • great for dry ends

Authentic House conditioner bars may appear small at first but they’re highly concentrated. They’re a little less ‘buttery’ than the Friendly Soap conditioners but are great if you want to condition and detangle the dry ends of your curls. They’re also a great size for taking away travelling with you.

The ultimate curly hair combo

One of the best shampoo bars that I’ve used for my curly hair is the Dry & Curly shampoo bar by Zero Waste Path, I pair this with the one of the Friendly Soap conditioner bars and then style my hair with the Flaxseed & Kalahari Melon Curl Defining Custard by Bean & Bee.

You can ready my guide to the best shampoo bars for curly hair and view the full range of plastic-free curly hair products that I stock.

Deep conditioner

Oat silk and shea deep conditioner by Bean & Bee

Oat Silk & Shea plastic free deep conditioner for curly hair (in a tin) | Available at Sage Folk

  • deep conditioner designed for curly hair
  • plastic free metal packaging
  • vegan

Although this one is actually a liquid conditioner, as opposed to a solid bar, it comes in plastic free packaging and is specifically designed to give your curls a deep condition. I tend to use this once a fortnight or once a week (depending on what I feel my hair needs) and leave it to get to work in my hair whilst carrying out the rest of my wash routine.

This conditioner doesn’t give my hair that utlra silky finish that I get with the Friendly Soap conditioner bars, probably because of its deep conditioning properties rather than being a day to day conditioner, but I love the results that I get for the definition of my curls after using it.

Plastic free and zero waste styling products for curly hair

Finding styling products for curly hair that are plastic free and zero waste is quite tricky. The best types of styling products for curly hair tend to come in the form of a liquid, cream or gel and there just isn’t a huge range of companies in the UK (at the moment) that offer plastic-free options for these products.

Flaxseed & Kalahari Melon Curl Defining Custard by Bean & Bee

Flaxseed & Kalahari Melon Curl Defining Custard - Bean & Bee

Although this product comes with a plastic pump, I’m pleased to say that I now stock a “refill” option that you can buy without the pump – meaning you can keep your original pump, use it in the next bottle and recycle the old one.

The curl defining custard works like a light – medium hold gel that can be used whilst your hair is still damp after washing. It forms a cast in the hair whilst its drying and can be scrunched out once your hair has fully dried.

I was so happy when I came across this product as it works perfectly for my curl type which can be weighed down by heavier styling creams and serums.