Mini Dried Flower Bouquet – ilikepens


A handmade mini bouquet of dried flowers

  • tied with hand-dyed cotton ribbon
  • wrapped in white tissue paper
  • approx. 18cm x 10cm (wrapped)
  • price is for one mini bouquet


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A handmade mini bouquet of dried flowers by ilikepens

Each bouquet contains:
1x stem yellow craspedia
1x sprig yellow alchemilla mollis
1x sprig apricot statice
1x stem candy floss delphinium
2x stems natural lagurus (bunny tails)

Each bouquet is tied with an ‘upcycled’ cotton ribbon that has been hand dyed, and is wrapped in white tissue paper.

Perfect in a small vase, as a desk accessory or as part of your home decor. Alternatively these mini bouquets make a sweet gift too.

As this is a natural, handmade product, please allow for slight variations in colour, size etc of your bouquet.

The mini bouquet is approx. 18cm x 10cm (wrapped).

How to care for your bouquet

Dried flowers will lose their colour naturally over time. To keep them looking their best, keep away from direct prolonged light, heat and moisture.

Keeping your flowers away from direct light will slow the colour loss process down.
Handle with care as dried flowers are very fragile. Do not place in water.


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