A soap rack or dish is an essential bathroom accessory for improving the longevity of your favourite solid shampoo, conditioner or soap bars.

Solid soap, shampoo and conditioner bars are a great way to cut back on your plastic consumption but if you don’t store them properly, you simply wont get the most out of them.

This bamboo soap rack from Friendly Soap allows your bar to air dry between uses, reducing product waste and preventing your bar from turning into a mushy mess.

Perfect for use with any of our natural soaps, shampoo bars or solid conditioners.

We recommended storing your favourite bar on the soap rack and storing it away from moisture (i.e. not leaving it in your shower) so that it can air dry between uses.

Made from bamboo which is naturally sustainable and antibacterial. Bamboo as a material also absorbs a minimal amount of water which means it’s less likely to shrink or swell when using it in your bathroom.

Friendly’s Soap Rack is designed to lift your soap off the sink, shower, or tub, keeping it drier because the drier the bar the longer it will last. Made from bamboo. Sustainable and antibacterial by nature and compared with regular wood, bamboo absorbs little moisture and does not shrink or swell. Perfect!

9 reviews for Bamboo Soap Rack – Friendly Soap

  1. Kirsten (verified owner)

  2. Victoria. (verified owner)

  3. Carrie (verified owner)

  4. Sally S. (verified owner)

    Perfect for my shampoo and conditioner bars and looks really cute in my bathroom. And no plastic!

  5. Sally S. (verified owner)

    Loved the first one I bought so bought more!

  6. Sara Netherway (verified owner)


  7. Sarah F. (verified owner)

    Fits perfectly on my windowsill.

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

  9. Kate (verified owner)

    Perfect simple soap holder.

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