Vegan Deodorant Balm by Happy Holistics (Bicarb Free)


  • Organic vegan deodorant stick
  • Bicarbonate of soda free
  • Available in 3 scents
  • Plastic free
  • Palm oil free
  • 55g


This vegan deodorant balm is handmade using organic and natural ingredients. It’s available in three different scents to help keep your underarms smelling fresh.

This deodorant is perfect if you have sensitive skin as it does not contain bicarbonate of soda, which many natural deodorants use to help promote dryness of the underarms, but can cause skin reactions for some.

We describe this deodorant as a balm because it comes as a convenient stick, inside a paperboard tube, rather than being in a cream or paste consistency. The paperboard tube is plastic free and biodegradable, making it a great low waste alternative to regular deodorants.


  • Soothing – Lavender and patchouli
  • Citrus – Lemongrass, bergamot and cypress
  • Fresh – Spearmint.

How to Use:

Apply to clean, dry skin.

Push the bottom of the tube up (as you would with a lip balm) and apply the deodorant to your underarms. We recommend using a small amount of the product to avoid staining and/ or build up on clothes.

As this product contains lots of natural oils, it can melt a little in warmer months or solidify when cooler. If the product becomes too warm, store it in the fridge. If the product is cool and you’re having difficulty pushing the tube up, we recommend rubbing it between your hands to warm it up a little before use.