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A bamboo toothbrush with soft, charcoal infused bristles and ‘Believe’ engraved on the handle. By Authentic House.

  • Soft bristles: 20% activated charcoal 80% DuPont nylon bristles
  • Biodegradable Moso bamboo handle
  • Ergonomic design (created to aid better grip)
  • Handle suitable for home composting
  • Bristles can be recycled via TerraCycle.

Dream and Breathe affirmations also available.

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This bamboo toothbrush features soft, charcoal infused nylon bristles and a chunky handle designed to be easier to grip. The handle is also engraved with the affirmation ‘Believe’.

The bristles of the toothbrush are 20% activated charcoal and 80% DuPont nylon. Once your toothbrush has reached the end of its lifecycle, the bristles can be removed and recycled via TerraCycle.

The bamboo handle is made of Moso bamboo which is grown in China without the use of pesticides. The handle is biodegradable and suitable for home composting (ensure you have removed the bristles first).

Each toothbrush is engraved with a subtle affirmation. We also offer toothbrushes with ‘Breathe‘ and ‘Dream‘ affirmations, should you wish to have different affirmations for other members of your household.





Each bamboo toothbrush comes in recyclable cardboard packaging.


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